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If you are already tired of conventional video editing programs because they don’t meet your requirements, this guide is for you. Next, we will show you the great benefits that Alight Motion offers you and thus convince you to download it.

What is Alight Motion?

The main thing is to know what it is about. Alight Motion is a tool that will allow you to edit different parameters of the videos that you store on your Android device. You can complete the process of editing different aspects of each audiovisual material in just a few moments.

How does Alight Motion work?

In this application you will find a timeline where you will drag the files you want to edit. It is worth noting that in this utility you can have different lines that are segmented into audio, graphics and video. This is how it will be extremely easy for you to organize the entire process you have for the editing process.

It is worth mentioning that from the main tab you can have access to all the projects that you have started and this will allow you to manage each job by itself.

Its advanced features

Among the wide range of functions that Alight Motion brings with it, it stands out, to mention a few, the wide color grading options with which you can correct the color or various transitions to interlace video fragments.

You will also be able to count on many animations as well as graphic effects that will help you improve the quality of the materials that you have already post-produced. All this with certain templates that are already pre-designed and with which you can complete the process more easily.

Why is it different from the rest?

Alight Motion is a video editing program with which you can make the most of your audiovisual materials stored on your phone. This is how you will not have to opt for another app that is more complex and requires much more extensive technical knowledge. In fact, you will have a large number of formats in which you can export the final video to increase compatibility.

Your reviews are good

Aligh Motion has earned high praise within the Apple user community as the first professional Motion Design application available for iPad and iPhone.

Do I have to pay for this application?

To all the benefits that we already mentioned, you can add that it is a free application but, like the vast majority of applications, it gives you the option of a paid membership to remove its watermark and in addition to having access to premium functions .

Among these premium features are the subscription options which are renewed autonomously until you pay for them. These subscriptions are processed by Google and can be canceled through the Google Play Store or on its website.

We hope you have no doubts that yes, it is an editor different from others, and run to download it so that you can enjoy its advantages. Until next time.


Get it on ▶ Google Play | File size 51Mb | Requirements Android +6.0

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