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APK Extractor for Android is an application with which we can obtain and extract the APK files that are installed on our devices. APKs are the packages that contain the files and installation files of an Android application. So with this application we can extract them for the use we want, save them, create a backup or share with other devices or users.

These files when installed directly from the Google Play Store do not appear as a file as such but only the application, however, if you download directly from your browser, you will be able to view the installers and make use of them. That is why this App is ideal so that you can extract the APKs of any application that you have on your mobile device and without the need for a Root.

It is one of the most recommended applications to carry out these APK extraction processes, in addition to being usually fast, with only a few seconds you will be able to see the App, game or tool file as it is as if you had downloaded it from an external service to that you can use it in the same way.

In addition to the fact that you can update APK Extractor for free, this application is mainly characterized by being an easy-to-use interface, it has an application search option showing the list of everything installed on your device, with its proper identification to facilitate finding what you want and avoid any mistakes.

Its function is very simple, you just have to select one of the options so that a list appears from which you will press and hold the APK file you want to extract, these applications are usually in the internal memory of your mobile device, once this is done you select the option of What do you want to do, if you want to store that file on your micro SD card, just by pressing and holding the App and selecting the option “Extract APK” it will immediately be saved in a unique folder created for this type of APK Extractor’s own files in your storage selected.

Make a backup in the cloud for when you want to use that application on other devices, as well as share or send the App with another device by simply pressing “Send APK”.

In this way, this function will make it easier for you to send to your friends any application such as games or tools that you have downloaded on your mobile and thus be able to have a direct access that the App provides through a link. Another of its advantages is that it will allow you to use these Apps without an internet connection and you will be able to install them without having to enter the Google Play Store.

To proceed to Download APK Extractor for free, you can do it directly through the Google Play Store from your Android device and enter the name of the tool “APK Extractor” to proceed with its installation. It is a Lite App so it weighs less than 2 MB and will not take up much of your storage space. You can download APK Extractor 4.2.9 its latest version, you can also download it through the official App of the Mountain View company. In addition, it has a Pro version that contains more functions for an affordable cost.

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Get it on ▶ Google Play | File size 2.2Mb | Requirements Android +4.0

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