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The name CapCut is very common among video editing applications on Android, something understandable, since the tool offers very outstanding functions. CapCut is classified as an all-in-one video editor , so the number of functions that we find in the software are diverse.

Indeed, CapCut is a video application characterized by the large number of functions it integrates, with the great advantage that it is completely free. At the same time, we are faced with software designed specifically for mobiles, which is why it presents an intuitive and easy-to-master system.

CapCut App Features

Video editing applications stand out for the functions they integrate, therefore, knowing the CapCut features will help you to check if it is the right editing application for you

  • Cut videos:¬†this function is implicit in its English name, so it is not surprising that with CapCut you can cut videos very easily.¬†It is a basic function that allows the joining of multiple videos or the trimming of them.
  • Use of stickers:¬†stickers are a classic in applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp or TiK ToK and we also find them in the CapCut video editor.¬†The sticker function allows adding small animations or images to our videos to enhance them.
  • Effects:¬†possibly the most striking section after downloading CapCut are the effects.¬†Through them you can access a large number of visual effects to fully customize the videos that are edited with the application.
  • Filters:¬†like many other mobile applications that allow video editing, with CapCut you can add filters of all kinds.¬†These filters are great for enhancing people’s skin or the overall appearance of videos.
  • Eliminate the background:¬†an interesting function that we only find in professional video applications, is the possibility of eliminating the backgrounds.¬†CapCut allows you to access this function natively, accessing the editing options provided by the App.
  • Add texts and audios:¬†like any professional editing application, there is the possibility of adding audios of all kinds.¬†The most interesting thing is that you can add both sound effects and music.¬†Similarly, you can include personalized texts and even access the automatic captioning function using CapCut.

Certainly the functions provided by the application go beyond what is mentioned before, so it is recommended to download CapCut in order to know all the features present in the App.

The Process To Download CapCut

CapCut is one of the most recognized video editing applications on Android and can be downloaded directly from the Play Store.¬†Simply go to the Google Play application, search for CapCut and¬†download in the conventional way¬†.¬†It is also possible to download the apk file and install it directly if you don’t have a play store installed.

In turn, it is highly recommended to repeatedly access CapCut in the Google store in order to see the updates. The updates include stability and application improvements, which is why it is recommended to stay up-to-date with them.

The First Steps After Downloading CapCut

Once you enter the application, the process to start editing the videos is simple, you just have to click on the¬†“New project”¬†option¬†.¬†Keep in mind that the application requires the activation of certain permissions before being able to use it.

Once you start working with the new project, the first thing is to select the videos to edit. You will notice that the program guides you step by step the first times you use the application. In any case, its operation is basic and very intuitive.

Once the essentials are mastered, you can start editing your videos in a much more professional way. In turn, CapCut allows you to save the videos, and then share them directly through social networks .

ūüćď Download CapCut (APK)

Get it on ‚Ė∂ Google Play | File size 92 Mb | Requirements Android +5.0

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