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Discord is an application designed to fulfill the functions of voice chat. In any case, it differs from applications such as Skype or WhatsApp, since it is mainly focused to be used as voice chat for video games . This feature makes it the preferred communication tool for most people who play video games online.

The Discord application was created by Jason Citron and was published in 2015. Although its growth occurred gradually, the truth is that today Discord has more than 300 million users. The latter is possibly influenced by the fact that the application is available for both computers and mobile devices, including Android.

Discord Features

Discord is the undisputed king when it comes to Gaming-oriented voice chats. This baton is achieved thanks to the exceptional functions it presents to us. The following are some of the salient features of the Discord app for both mobile and desktop .

  • Multiplatform system:¬†possibly the success of Discord lies in the fact that in addition to being a great quality program, it also works on practically any device.¬†Not only do we have the computer version, Discord is also available for iOS and Android.¬†In fact, the application can even be run through the browser on our computer.
  • Specific functions for video games:¬†As we mentioned, Discord is focused for use as a voice chat for video games.¬†This means that we will find specific functions for this purpose, such as the overlay (which allows us to see the names of those who speak within the games) and many others designed for Gamers.
  • Ability to create custom channels:¬†like applications like Telegram, Discord has a channel system, in which a large number of users can join.¬†In fact, these channels go beyond video games, allowing the exchange of images, videos and even have the possibility of using bots.
  • Advanced configuration options:¬†after downloading Discord, you will realize that it goes far beyond a simple voice chat.¬†In fact, the program’s configuration is completely customizable, both for the computer and mobile versions.¬†Being able to configure the voice volume of each user to your liking and customizing the application to your needs.
  • Screen sharing:¬†Discord is from a certain perspective an all-in-one program, as it includes many interesting functions.¬†One of them is the ability to share screen, something useful to show gameplays or actions as interesting as teaching a user to solve a problem with their computer or equipment.
  • The use of Bots:¬†many people do not know, but Discord makes it impossible to use Bots, which in other words refers to very interesting automation systems.¬†Discord Bots allow for music playback, autoresponders, and much more.

Download Discord For Android

Understanding its success on desktop systems, it was a matter of time before Discord received a mobile version of its app. Indeed, Discord has a version designed specifically for cell phones, including Android .

Downloading Discord on Android is a very simple process, in fact, it is done in the same way that any application is downloaded. To get this popular video game voice chat on your mobile, just head over to the Google app store .

Once there, search for Discord and proceed with the download process. In any case, it is very important that you know that you will need to create a Discord account in order to use the App.

ūüćď Download Discord (APK)

Get it on ‚Ė∂ Google Play | File size 92 Mb | Requirements Android +6.0

What is your opinion of Discord?

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June 29, 2021

para quienes jugamos mucho discord siempre es el lugar para enterarse las novedades de nuestros juegos favoritos