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Facebook is a social network that began in 2004 by Marck Zuckerberg and has become one of the most widely used and growing platforms in the world, it has hundreds of functions that have evolved since its creation, designed to improve the experience of Users bring with them the option of being able to use this App Lite on devices with little storage, which has also become a success within the entire Facebook community.

The Facebook Lite APK for Android is one of the Facebook options characterized by being lighter due to the fact that it occupies only 1MB in the memory of the device and is ideal for those who do not have a high-speed internet connection or a stable communication, this App is recommended for low-end mobiles or those that do not have enough memory.

Downloading Facebook Lite APK for free is not a problem, since it is available in the Google Play Store and with just one click you can install it automatically. Because it is a less heavy version, it is quick to install and also allows you to share content quickly and efficiently.

One of the best features of this application is that you will not need to install Facebook Messenger or any other external App to be able to chat with your friends, since it includes direct access to private messaging, however there is also the lite version of Messenger.

This application has the basic functions of Facebook, which although for some it is not so attractive, it is usually very functional and has allowed a large number of people to have joined the use of this App on their most limited devices since it is available for any Android phone.

Functions such as sharing images and videos, looking for people you know, receiving notifications and being able to configure your privacy as well as including parental control that allows you to control the handling that your children or those who need supervision can give you, are some of the things you can do with this App. Another advantage of this application is that it allows you to save up to 20% of the battery of your device.

Although Facebook for Android is designed for 4G networks and weighs about 200 MB, Facebook Lite was designed to give the entire community the opportunity to connect, since it works without any problem with any type of network from areas where they only have 2G and with slow speeds, since it makes less data consumption. Also, once installed, the APK weighs less than 3MB, unlike the normal version. However, it is also ideal for any device that has larger capacities if you still want to leave more space available.

Updating Facebook Lite for free is easy, especially when your device has enough memory. In the same way, you can now Download Facebook Lite APK which only weighs 1.48MB, this latest version brings improvements in its speed and reliability.

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Get it on ▶ Google Play | File size 1.5Mb | Requirements Android +6.0

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