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Messenger is an instant messaging application belonging to Facebook Inc. Created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2008 mainly under the name of Facebook Chat until August 2011 where they renew and launch Facebook Messenger. The Messenger APK for Android is used to send and receive messages from your friends on Facebook, it has a series of features such as video calls, group chats, file sending and even games.

It comes with an integrated support for SMS where you can send messages for free to anyone even if they are not your friends on Facebook, just by entering the phone number of your recipient. Also, you can activate Chat bubbles so that they appear on your screen as a notification, showing the user’s profile photo and allowing you to use this service from any application you are in by simply selecting the bubble.

Likewise, your chats incorporate end-to-end encryption for greater privacy. One of its functions is that you can make use of secret conversations and set a time for these chats to disappear. You can also reduce the brightness by activating the dark mode.

In case it seems little, you can also make group chats very easily, just by starting a new chat window and adding the contacts you want, you can configure the group name, the color of the chat, send files, make group calls , react to messages, send Stickers, schedule events and silence for a specified period of time.

The main feature of this application is that in its window you can see the list of your contacts, conversations, the active status of each of your contacts which you can synchronize with your Instagram and Google account, the last connection and from which device they are connected, if they are from a computer or mobile.

Not only can you Download Messenger APK for free from the Google Play Store, but you can also use this application directly from your browser by entering Messenger.com. This option is for when you need to have a broader view of your conversations.

Another function of Messenger is the sending and receipt of money, through debit cards or PayPal accounts, although this function is only available for the US, France and the United Kingdom, this option has high security through a PIN or personal identification number to protect your personal data and it is ideal, for example, when you make a purchase through Marketplace as well as being totally free.

It also allows the sending of files up to 25MB as well as fast videos with a duration of 15 seconds. In addition, it offers a great variety of mini games, both individual and for team games such as UNO, Pacman, Candy Crush, Word Cross, among others.

You can always Update Messenger for free so that you can enjoy all its improved functions and keep interacting with your contacts. This application updates its platform periodically so you can now download Messenger APK, this latest version has been available since January 27, 2020 and weighs 36.51MB.

🍓 Download Facebook Messenger (APK)

Get it on ▶ Google Play | File size 40Mb | Requirements Android +6.0

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