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Google Maps is possibly the most important map application . Officially, the application has been providing its services since 2005 and little by little it has grown to cover practically the entire globe. In turn, the service is available on multiple platforms, including Android.

A Brief History Of Google Maps

In its origin, the application had nothing to do with Google, in fact, the development of Maps began in 2003 at the hands of a small group of Australian developers. In October 2004 Google acquired the company and began developing Google Maps .

Finally, the program is announced on February 8, 2005, from which time the services are available. In any case, it was not until 2008 that the Google Maps download became available for Android and iOS users.

Google Maps Features

Google Maps is a complex platform that integrates many functions, characteristics that make it the most complete map system that exists.¬†Indeed, the technology involved in the operation of Maps is complex, in any case, let’s analyze some things that the App offers us.

  • Use of GPS:¬†One of the most characteristic functions of Google Maps is the inclusion of GPS, which allows the APP to know the exact place where the user is located.¬†Clearly this feature completely revolutionized the way maps are used.
  • Huge road and road registration:¬†Over time, Google Maps has integrated complete road registrations that virtually map entire cities.¬†In this way, you will be able to very efficiently roads and roads of your city or of any that you visit.
  • Satellite images:¬†added to the recreation of roads and highways typical of the maps, the user gets access to satellite images of the places you visit.¬†This system allows you to orient yourself in a much better way, by precisely observing the characteristics of the environment.
  • Allows location sharing in real time:¬†This is a system that allows you to share your location with other people to make it easier to locate you.¬†This feature has completely revolutionized how to meet friends or get to a place.¬†In fact, it is one of the main reasons to download Google Maps.
  • Integration with multiple systems:¬†Google Maps does not only work on mobiles, it is also present on computers and can even be integrated with other systems.¬†In fact, Google Maps can be used in vehicle GPS systems.
  • It allows to know the traffic conditions:¬†recent updates integrate traffic-related functions.¬†This function allows you to know how the traffic is on your local roads, which makes it possible to avoid annoying traffic jams.
  • Allows you to locate lost / stolen devices:¬†the GPS system in conjunction with Google Maps makes it possible to locate your mobile after theft or loss.¬†In turn, the functions proposed by Google also allow the device to be blocked in the event of these unfortunate events.

Download Google Maps On Android

Google Maps is a native application on many modern Android mobiles, so many times it is not necessary to download Maps. In any case, some devices do not have it, so it is necessary to obtain it, a process that can be easily done through the Play Store.

The download process is typical for any application in the Play Store. First of all, the Google application store must be opened and directly search for Google Maps. When the result is displayed, click on install to add this important App to your mobile.

It is certainly recommended to update the app as Google is known for constantly improving Maps features. For this reason, you constantly visit the Google App Store to download the Google Maps APK and its updates.

ūüćď Download Google Maps (APK)

Get it on ‚Ė∂ Google Play | File size 51 Mb | Requirements Android +6.0

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