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Google Play Store is the default application for Android devices for¬†downloading applications through the Google store¬†.¬†It is the equivalent of Apple’s AppStore and like its namesake, a large number of Android applications can be officially obtained with the PlayStore.¬†In fact, the PlayStore catalog is usually superior to Apple’s, so there are Apps of all kinds that the average user can access.

PlayStore is the official App to download applications on Android, so any alternative escapes the regulations proposed by Google. The above is a clear indication that it is best to use PlayStore to download any application.

History Of The Google PlayStore Application

Although the PlayStore application is essential in modern times, like all technological proposals it had a specific origin. In the case of PlayStore / Google Play , it was released in October 2008, shortly after the emergence of the Android operating system (a month earlier).

Indeed, the PlayStore application has been around practically since the beginnings of the Android operating system. In any case, just as the OS has evolved, the PlayStore changes have been recurrent, until the application becomes what it is today.

PlayStore App Features

PlayStore is well known among Android users, in fact, it is one of the base Apps of the operating system.¬†Through it it is possible to obtain all the basic applications that the average user uses.¬†In any case, let’s take a look at the features that make this essential Google app great.

  • It is the official download space on Android:¬†the first highlight of the PlayStore is that it is the recommended space for installing applications on Android.¬†Here you can download Apps of all kinds, from the basic ones, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and many other free ones, to paid Apps with professional functions.
  • We can find content beyond Apps:¬†PlayStore offers much more than Apps.¬†In fact, using Google Play you can download books, movies and various multimedia content for Android mobiles.
  • Guarantees user safety:¬†PlayStore is the ideal space for downloading applications, not only for presenting an immense catalog, but also for the security it offers to the user.¬†The applications arranged within the PlayStore guarantee the security of the device.
  • It has an Apps rating system:¬†one of the most recognized features of PlayStore is that it has a system to rate applications.¬†By analyzing the stars that establish the general rating of the Apps, we can evaluate them properly and download those that are really worth it.
  • Allows access to other essential functions:¬†download from PlayStore, allows access to other Google applications and functions.¬†Clear examples of this are proposals such as Play Games, Google News, etc.¬†applications that tend to improve the user experience.

What To Do When The PlayStore Application Is Not Installed On The Device?

Commonly, the PlayStore application is installed by default on any Android mobile, so in most cases it is not necessary to download the PlayStore. However, there are exceptions with some devices, more specifically with models made in China .

Clearly, the lack of the PlayStore application can become a problem to download some of the applications that we use on our phones. There is no denying that the presence of the PlayStore makes things much easier when using an Android device.

Some mobile phones from brands such as Huawei that no longer integrate the PlayStore, solve the problem by presenting equally functional alternatives. Either way, although it is not always necessary to download the PlayStore , the application is indisputably lacking on those mobiles that do not have it. In these cases the only solution is to download and install the APK file

ūüćď Download Google Play Store (APK)

Get it on ‚Ė∂ Google Play | File size 22 Mb | Requirements Android +4.4

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