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More than 500 million downloads has had the Netflix application worldwide, which makes it one of the essential apps for your phone. In this post we have collected the 5 advantages of having the application of the leading streaming content service on your mobile.

Offline movies and series

Netflix has long allowed its content to be downloaded to a mobile phone or any electronic device. One of the advantages of having the Netflix application on your mobile is that you can watch your favorite movie, series or documentary without having to be connected to the mobile network or Wi-Fi. An excellent option for travelers or those who do not have a stable Internet connection.

More users will be able to see your content

It depends on the plan you have, you can watch your favorite content on up to four mobile phones or devices affiliated with your account at the same time. A great advantage in case your home does not reach an agreement to see an audiovisual reproduction.

HD content in the palm of your hand

By default, Netflix content comes in standard quality, but if you want to go further you can change the image to high quality to test and take advantage of the resolution of your mobile phone.

Great for kids

Thanks to the offline mode, children are the most benefited. There is nothing more unpleasant than your little one is restless or bored during a long trip in the car or public transport. To calm him down, just play his favorite animated movie to put an end to his discouragement.

It takes up little space and you should not update it so much

Some applications consume too much space on our phone, the clearest example is that of Facebook. In this case, the Netfli application does not occupy so much memory on our phone, and a detail that many like is that you rarely need to update it.


If you are going to use the Netflix application to view content offline, remember that it will only last 48 hours on your phone. If you did not have time to see that movie, you will have to repeat the download procedure.
Another detail that you surely did not know is that not all movies, series or documentaries can be downloaded to your mobile. This is due to a licensing issue.
If you have not yet subscribed to Netflix, you can join the service for free for a month. This is when you should have the Netflix application ready on your phone to kill the boredom.
There is no download limit in offline mode, everything will depend on the free space of your phone or device. In this case, we recommend buying an external micro SD memory to house all those files and alleviate the internal memory of the mobile a little.

The Netflix app is available for phones with Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.

Now that you know the five advantages of having the Netflix application on your mobile, it is time to share it with your friends and family.

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