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Octopus for Android. There are many interesting and well-made mobile games, but many players are not very comfortable with the touch controls of mobile games. Well, if you are one of these players then you need to know Octopus, an application that allows you to play any game you have installed on your mobile with a keyboard and mouse.

Using Octopus you can even play all the games you have on your Android device with a controller or gamepad. That is why it has become an application that has gained great popularity among mobile game users.

The number of games that are available for Android is really large, with millions of games that are available for download both for free and paid. There are adventure games, role-playing games, puzzles, arcades, simulators, etc., of which some cannot be played very well due to the touch controls that are usually limited and not so comfortable. That is why applications like Octopus are very useful and comfortable.

How does Octopus work?

The operation of the Octopus application is very simple, since all you have to do is synchronize the peripheral and “map” the keys or buttons that we want to use when playing.

To be able to map the control scheme, you will simply have to make sure that you have correctly synchronized the game and the peripheral. Once we have done this, you can begin the process of customizing the control, linking the areas of the control screen with the keys or buttons on the remote.

This setting can even be made to use the mouse and keyboard in games like PUBG Mobile, dramatically improving the gaming experience. It is a fact that touch controls are not always very comfortable and provide the best possible experience.

On the other hand, using the “Trending” tab that we can find in the application we will have the possibility to see the most popular games at the moment. This way we can see how many players are using Octopus to play games like Free Fire.

When you have finished doing the “mapping” of the controls, you will be able to play with your keyboard and your mouse in a really comfortable way and thus you will have a better chance of being the winner of the game.

If you are a regular Android player, you will undoubtedly know that in many games the controls on the screen are not the most comfortable and can make the gameplay quite difficult at times. So we recommend that you give it a try so that you can have an improved gaming experience.

How to pair your controller to your Android

As we mentioned before, in this case we are faced with the option of synchronizing with the keyboard and mouse of our PC or with the controls of our Xbox or Play Station, depending on what you have at your disposal or what is more for you. comfortable.

The application makes the connection through a wireless network to the external controls so that we have the possibility of using them in our Android games. You simply have to follow the instructions that the application gives you and you should not have problems.

You can also find a series of tips on the Internet that will be of great help to follow step by step what you have to do to synchronize with the controls.

Octopus main features

Among the main functionalities and characteristics of Octopus we can highlight the following:

Allows you to assign a default key to preset a key and control configuration for up to 30 games.
It has compatibility with keyboard and mouse or with controllers (gamepads).
You have access to all the games that have been installed through Google Play (direct access from the app)
Synchronization in the cloud to save our configuration and be able to use it on different devices.

As you can see, Octopus is really an application that every Android player should try, so that you can have a better experience in a large number of games that can be better enjoyed having a gamepad or keyboard and mouse, since some Genres simply cannot be enjoyed with the controls on a touch screen.

🍓 Download Octopus (APK)

Get it on ▶ Google Play | File size 14Mb | Requirements Android +4.4

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