Being part of a virtual family is extremely fun, especially when you can create your own avatars according to your taste and experience a whole new world full of adventures; that’s what PK XD promises you Explore the Universe and Play with friends , more than a new world , a whole universe to explore! Have you ever created an avatar? Well, this is precisely what the PK XD game Explore the Universe and Play with friends is


Discord is an application designed to fulfill the functions of voice chat. In any case, it differs from applications such as Skype or WhatsApp, since it is mainly focused to be used as voice chat for video games . This feature makes it the preferred communication tool for most people who play video games online. The Discord application was created by Jason Citron and was published in 2015. Although its growth occurred gradually, the truth is that today Discord has more than


Pinterest is a kind of social network where users can share content of interest using custom panels or pins. Through the platform you can find images and videos of different styles, but its proposal is much less personal than that of networks such as Facebook or Instagram, instead Pinterest focuses essentially on style . The website created by Ben Silbermann is launched to the public in 2010 as a different proposal to the increasingly growing trend of social networks. In any case,

Google Maps

Google Maps is possibly the most important map application . Officially, the application has been providing its services since 2005 and little by little it has grown to cover practically the entire globe. In turn, the service is available on multiple platforms, including Android. A Brief History Of Google Maps In its origin, the application had nothing to do with Google, in fact, the development of Maps began in 2003 at the hands of a small group of Australian developers. In October 2004


Twitter is one of the most important social networks in the world and all kinds of content are exchanged through its different platforms. Few are aware that Twitter sees the light in 2006, in any case, its popularity increased in mid-2009, the same moment in which its Spanish version appeared. Beyond its history, the truth is that Twitter is an ultra-recognized social network . In fact, its relevance is such that it is among the first 50 positions in the Alexa

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom Cloud Meetings has revolutionized the way in which meetings with work groups or academics are carried out. It is undoubtedly an excellent tool to communicate effectively at a distance . Not in vain has it been used extensively in current times. The Zoom Cloud Meetings application has allowed to maintain “normality” in times of pandemic, since it provides valid options for both workers and educators. Let’s analyze then the proposals and characteristics that we can find in the application. Zoom Cloud Meetings