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Pinterest is a kind of social network where users can share content of interest using custom panels or pins. Through the platform you can find images and videos of different styles, but its proposal is much less personal than that of networks such as Facebook or Instagram, instead Pinterest focuses essentially on style .

The website created by Ben Silbermann is launched to the public in 2010 as a different proposal to the increasingly growing trend of social networks. In any case, Pinterest presents an original platform that gradually became a trend, mainly among art and fashion lovers.

How Does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest relies exclusively on visual content, more specifically on photographs (and the occasional video). As we mentioned before, through their options, users upload content related to a particular topic. Certainly there are no limitations in terms of the themes within Pinterest, so content of all kinds can be found.

After downloading Pinterest you can find panels dedicated to all kinds of themes, in any case, there are plenty of spaces for entertainment figures, art, fashion and even architecture. In fact, the platform is an exceptional space to find diverse ideas .

Not in vain many go to Pinterest with the purpose of finding stylistic ideas for decoration or to know current trends. All this takes place in an environment that is easy to navigate and in which anyone can contribute new content.

Pinterest Features

The platform devised by Ben Silbermann is a multifaceted space that continues to be one of the most visited pages in the world. Its success is largely due to the proposals it presents and its unique characteristics.

  • System of pins and panels:¬†The most characteristic aspect that shines after downloading the Pinterest APK is the distribution of the App. In it we find the Pins (individual publications) and the panels (group publications, similar to a photo album) usually focused on specific topics.
  • Multitude of themes:¬†Like any other social network, Pinterest is carried by its users, so we find very diverse themes.¬†Through the platform you can find content as diverse as photographs of celebrities, as well as decorations and even images and videos alluding to fashion and style.
  • Ease of use and registration:¬†Pinterest presents a basic system very easy to use.¬†In turn, registration is very simple, just using a Google account.
  • Ideas space:¬†Many people choose to download Pinterest for the sole purpose of finding ideas.¬†With ideas we refer to all the artistic, decorative and stylistic proposals present in the App, which are possibly the great strength of the platform.

Download Pinterest And First Steps Of Use

The platform has been in development for years, so it was to be expected the appearance of competent versions for mobile. In the case of Android, Pinterest can be downloaded directly from the Google application store (Play Store).

Once the Pinterest APK is downloaded on Android, the system will ask you to select or create an account, although the process can be done with our Google email. After the above, Pinterest shows various panels with ideas and themes, where you must select those that attract your attention.

Based on your choices, the content of your interest will be displayed. Either way, you can turn to the search engine and look for other ideas that catch your attention. In turn, as a user you can create new pins or boards with any theme you want to share. There are no limitations, since the versatile quality of the platform means that anyone can download Pinterest and find it very useful.

ūüćď Download Pinterest (APK)

Get it on ‚Ė∂ Google Play | File size 66 Mb | Requirements Android +6.0

What is your opinion of Pinterest?

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