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Being part of a virtual family is extremely fun, especially when you can create your own avatars according to your taste and experience a whole new world full of adventures; that’s what PK XD promises you Explore the Universe and Play with friends , more than a new world , a whole universe to explore!

Have you ever created an avatar?

Well, this is precisely what the PK XD game Explore the Universe and Play with friends is about, creating fun characters full of originality , to launch them to investigate, investigate and scrutinize new challenges in a universe full of fun activities, talks with friends and much entertainment.

For this you have a good arsenal of different dresses, garments, styles and accessories , no two avatars will be the same! There are so many possibilities that you can create many of them , millions!

What you can do in the PK XD Universe

There are many activities that you can do through your avatar to entertain and have fun to the fullest, and all from the comfort of your home :

  • Chat with friends and plan activities together , like eating out, dancing, or listening to music.
  • Have your own family , including a pet! And not just any pet, you can have mythical creatures full of a lot of history.
  • Create and decorate the place where your avatar will live , you can build a dream house, with beautiful gardens and with a lot of luxury to satisfy the needs of your avatar. You will find very good decorative objects , such as armchairs, rugs, things for the bathroom or for your kitchen.
  • Stick with creation mode . If you are not interested in interacting with other avatars, you can dedicate yourself to creating them and leaving them free in the PK XD world.
  • Contrary to the above, if you want to interact and show off with other avatars , you can participate in activities or special events related to festivities such as Christmas.
  • You can also play with mini – games that come built , and even challenge other participants to also play.

Game features

It is a game designed with a kind of sarcastic humor , but it can be played by people from the age of 10 , creating avatars that are the same or completely different in appearance, that is part of the main attraction of it .

A rribando the date two years since its creation by Playkids In , currently has more than 100 , 000,000 downloads in Play Store of Google, which tells you that it is a virtual community where you can meet many people and do what you think is best .

To enjoy PK XD Explore the Universe and Play with friends, you only need to have a Smartphone, because it is a game designed for Android Operating Systems , so enjoy it from any corner of the world where you are.

🍓 Download PK XD (APK)

Get it on ▶ Google Play | File size 23 Mb | Requirements Android +6.0

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