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Snapchat makes it very easy to share moments of daily life at all times, with one click you can share with your friends images and videos of what you are living.

In each update, Snapchat adds new effects to add to your photos, such as putting glasses on people, adding crowns, colored wigs, a tie, hats, thunderstorms, clouds and much more.

In addition to the filters that Snapchat brings by default, it allows you to create new filters manually or share and download filters created by a gigantic community of users.

The new Snapchat APK offers a real-time chat to send the created photos to friends or groups, as well as see what other people share. In this latest update, it offers text and video chat with up to 16 friends with whom you can receive and send emojis, texts, photos, videos with filters and effects and much more.

It is important to note that now your snaps are stored in the cloud, so they are no longer lost and you can see them again as many times as you want. You can also resubmit these images as memories.

With friends you can share the location and thus know where they are in real time or activate the ghost mode to hide your location and send photos in incognito mode without anyone knowing where you are.

But Snapchat is not only an environment of personal friends, but also allows you to follow and add to your account famous people or acquaintances from around the world and see their publications if these people accept it. You can discover famous snaps and pics from around the world in a very simple way.

Use the medal system to discover what you have in common with other people and thus meet amazing people. Explore their profiles and see their photos, videos and decide if you follow this person.

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