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Snaptube is an application to download videos and music easily, quickly and for free, it has more than 100 different platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Liveleak, DailyMotion, AnimeFLV as well as social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and many sites more from which you can download the content of your choice.

If you want to enjoy this App in your terminal, you should know that the alternatives to Download APK of Snaptube for free for Android users are somewhat limited, since you must do it from its official page or from the different download links that you find on the internet because This application is not available in the Google Play Store because it violates the rules of use of YouTube.

Snaptube is characterized by having 11 well-distributed subcategories by which you can search for content to play or download, it also allows you to do manual searches, it has daily suggestions and recommendations for you to discover videos that you may not have seen, as well as a list of the videos most watched and most popular or repeated by the rest of the users, as well as a list of the biggest musical successes.

The Snaptube APK for Android is very easy to use, just by clicking on any of the categories or searching manually by typing a keyword or the name of the song or video you are looking for, you will already be browsing within the wide catalog that this has application, you can search from music videos to funny videos of different themes.

Once the results of your search appear, you can play them previously within the application itself or select the download option to download the content to your phone. In addition to this, it gives you different quality and format options in which you can download the videos or audios, so it is a great advantage to save space on your mobile device.

With Snaptube you can download the videos in qualities and formats from 144p, 720p, HD 1080p, HD 2k, HD 4K and audio formats in MP3 or M4A.

Snaptube also has a Premium version with which you can download HD videos, and create your own channel as if it were YouTube, as well as add additional video portals.

Although this application is limited by not being available in the Google Play Store, it is not difficult to update Snaptube for free on a device with Android system.

To download this application on your device if you have never downloaded any from another source other than Google Play Store, you must do it as follows, since most likely your device blocks the download by means of security.

To Download Snaptube APK, which is the latest version since January 21, 2020, you must activate the following on your phone: look in your device’s tools for the option “Apps of unknown origin” or “Third-party apps” this will be according to the version of Android you have. Verify that this option is activated or activate it since it is the only way that the phone allows you to download the APK outside the Play Store, once this is done you can download or update Snaptube. Its latest version only weighs 11.5MB.

🍓 Download Snaptube (APK)

Get it on ▶ Google Play | File size 11.5 | Requirements Android +5.0

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