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Spotify is a Streaming service founded in 2006 as Spotify AB by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon where you can listen to music, podcasts and digital videos from anywhere you are, this platform gives you access to millions of songs and content from different artists. Since November 21, 2019, it was announced that they would have a ceremony called Spotify Awards.

You can access the Spotify APK for free with a simple registration, although you also have a subscription to a Premium account which includes a series of additional benefits for the cost of a monthly fee.

It is easy to use, its wide range of songs can be used from multiple devices with Spotify Connect that allows you to transfer music from one device to another such as your computer, mobile, Tablet, televisions or speakers.

By downloading Spotify APK for free you can use search filters such as genre, song, artist or album and create playlists. You can also know the lists of your artists or friends. You can browse and listen to your favorite songs from anywhere you are, as well as being able to share your favorite Playlists with your friends, although one of the disadvantages of a free account is that it contains advertisements.

These playlists can be available both online and offline so that you can listen to them without having a connection to the network either by mobile data or Wifi only if you have an active Premium account.

The Spotify Premium option has other benefits such as better audio quality, seeing news before its launch and free accounts, it also does not contain advertisements, among other a variety of advantages and for less than € 10 per month.

Spotify also has a radio option where you can create your own station or automatically tune in to trending songs by selecting a playlist, artist or album.

Spotify has the function of creating weekly playlists based on what you have recently listened to and similar lists from other users in order to introduce you to new options and please you with your favorite songs and tastes.

It gives you the option of recovering your Playlists in case you have deleted one by mistake or you have regretted it, as well as allowing you to have a search history where you will find what you have recently listened to.

In its latest updates, it incorporates the function of a timer for you to set a playback time limit. In addition to this, you can activate a privacy option so that your musical consumption is private by simply selecting the “private session” option from the menu.

With Update Spotify for free, the user will always have instantly available all the improvements of the application to enjoy all the music offered by the catalog, wherever and whenever you want. This application offers various possibilities to enjoy your favorite songs, customize the application to your needs in a very practical and easy way. You can Download Spotify APK from Google Play Store.

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