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📊 What is your opinion of VideoBuddy?

VideoBuddy is one of the best alternatives that we have at our disposal to be able to save a video that we see on the internet, even a movie that we are watching and that we want to store to watch later. In short, it is an excellent tool that allows us to download all kinds of audiovisual content directly to our computer.

The way in which VideoBuddy works is quite simple, having a very clean and intuitive interface that allows us to easily understand how it has to be used to fulfill its function.

How to download videos using VideoBuddy?

All you have to do to be able to download a video using VideoBuddy is to search for the video or movie that you are interested in downloading from the different categories that the platform has. Likewise, we can also directly search the content by entering its title. This is a very fast way to find the content we are looking for.

When we have found the content that we want to download, the next thing to do is select the “download” button and the tool will allow us to choose the quality at which we want to download the video. Remember that the better the video quality, the larger its size and the longer it will take to download.

Another of the very interesting functionalities or characteristics that we can find on this page is that it allows us to visit different social networks without the need to exit the application, so that we can find and download any video that is in the social network that we are visiting. It even allows us to listen to music using another tab.

As you can see, VideoBuddy is actually quite an interesting tool, in which we can find a large number of features and download options from its interface. Besides that it is also very useful to discover all kinds of content such as videos and music.

Many users download it because they consider it to be an application that encompasses the functionalities of several applications. That is, with this application you can do things for which in other cases you will need to have two or three more applications installed.


In a few words, we can say that VideoBuddy serves as a great portal for videos, music and movies that we can download very easily. We can find all kinds of content, so we will have no problems finding the type of videos we are interested in.

So if you were looking for an application that would allow you to find all kinds of videos or audiovisual content, without a doubt you are facing one of your best options.

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Get it on ▶ Google Play | File size 12Mb | Requirements Android +4.4

What is your opinion of VideoBuddy?

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