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The APK of WhatsApp Plus or Message plus for Whatsapp for Android is an unofficial version of WhatsApp Messenger created in 2012 by a Spaniard known as Rafaelense, this version of instant messaging adds different options and functions with the aim that users They can make better use of this App, greater customization options, privacy, sending files and a number of changes that have made this an alternative for many users.

This application works the same as the original, by which you can make calls and send messages with certain improved functions designed for the comfort and needs of users, to download WhatsApp Plus APK 8.25, you must first uninstall the original version of WhatsApp completely.

WhatsApp plus is characterized by allowing you to customize your account with more than 700 themes or designs combining colors, backgrounds, fonts, images and allowing you to create them to your liking, which you can not only use within chats but also in your contact list and all the overall appearance.

Regarding security issues, this App does not allow you to create a backup in Google Drive since, being an unofficial application, it is not available with these services, however, it is possible to create a copy that you will have to download and export to your computer later. so that you can make use of them since it would mainly be stored in the internal memory of your mobile, in the same way to update WhatsApp plus for free you must do it from an external link to Google Play Store.

This application has several advantages and disadvantages, however it has been chosen for many years as a good option for several users and is that one of its functions that attracts the most is privacy, unlike the original App with this you can deactivate the status “online”, deactivate the second Stick and the view of the conversations, you can hide the profile photo from the contacts you select or block conversations, in the same way you can see the messages that have been sent to you and then deleted and you can delete messages without the notification that you have done it appears, as well as other options that may be useful.

Also add a large number of new emoticons but that you can only use if the other contact you send to also has WhatsApp plus activated. Another function is that with this App you can send files up to 50MB and without lowering the quality of the images or videos.

Because WhatsApp plus is made based on another application without its permissions, there are some risks to take into account and that is that the original application since 2015 began to block some accounts for a period of time for 24 hours, even in a permanent, preventing you from using the original version.

On the other hand, the only way to download WhatsApp plus APK for free is through external links of unknown origin, since you will not be able to get it in the Google Play Store. Despite the fact that this can pose a danger to your mobile and your personal data, users continue to use this application.

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Get it on ▶ Google Play | File size 9.3Mb | Requirements Android +4.1

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