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Start using the YouTube Music APK for Android so that you can enjoy all the music you want, this application allows you to search and listen to music from YouTube platform catalogs, at the same time you can get playlists and recommendations according to your tastes and preferences. latest musical trends. This Streaming platform will make it easier for you to find the songs and albums of your favorite artists. It is an App similar to Spotify.

It allows you to select between listening only to the audio or watching the video of what you are looking for, if you select the audio option, the cover will appear, its menu presents you with new content, a music library, a hotlist with trends that you cannot miss. You will also be able to find live performances and even remixes and covers of your preference, its operation gives you quality and is easy to use.

You will be able to find Playlists updated daily according to your searches and reproductions, it also has the function of recognizing your mood and from there to recommend music, it can also recognize the location, if you are in an outdoor environment, at home or depending on the type by day if it is rainy, cold, among others.

Its search engine is like that of YouTube and one advantage it has is that if you don’t remember the artist or the name of the song, you can find it just by writing a fragment. Much of its content also comes from the Google Play App

In addition to updating YouTube Music for free, this application also has a Premium subscription whose functions allow you to navigate without any type of advertising both in audios and videos within the application or on YouTube, in the same way you can download them for offline playback that is to say without the need for you to be connected to a network.

Other functions of paying for YouTube Premium is that you can listen to the songs in the background so it will not stop when you are in other applications and even when you lock the screen. Also, you can activate the Mixtape function offline to download your favorite songs automatically, in this way you can listen and take with you the songs of your choice. You can also have access to a video catalog with movies and series.

One of the disadvantages of Youtube Music is the quality in which the music is played, since this by default only allows us to listen at 128kbps if you have a good connection but if your reception is limited the quality will be 64kbps, that is to say even more. low.

By downloading YouTube Music APK for free, you will be able to use the YouTube spin off that competes against other streaming platforms to listen to music, YouTube Music has an affordable subscription price and is already available in a wide variety of countries.

We recommend you Download Youtube Music APK 3.49.53 this latest version will give you greater ease to find music, it will show you the improvements in its musical recommendations as well as allow you to try Premium music for free for a month so that you can enjoy its content offline, without annoying ads and even having your mobile screen locked.

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