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Youtube Vanced is an alternative application to the official YouTube App on Android. It is intended to provide certain functions that are not available in the software provided by Google. In any case, being an application outside the Play Store, you should take into account some things before downloading YouTube Vanced or using it.

The App offers all the features of the Youtube App, adding a few missing functions in the official App.¬†In turn, Vanced is constantly changing, including user-requested enhancements.¬†Anyway, let’s analyze the features that we can find after downloading YouTube Vanced.

Extra Functions That We Find In YouTube Vanced

Undoubtedly, the incentive to install YouTube Vanced is its multiple extra functions that are not present in the official YouTube App. Some of the most interesting features that we find in this alternative application are:

  • Advertising blocking:¬†Possibly the most prominent feature of the application is the ability to block advertisements.¬†Through Vanced you can access this function and view YouTube content without any advertising.
  • Advanced playback functions:¬†Another interesting feature of Vanced is that it presents various playback options that are not present in the YouTube version of the Play Store.¬†You can control the brightness, volume and other functions in the style of other famous players.
  • Mini player:¬†With Vanced you can also play the contents while using other applications with the mini player function.
  • Extra resolutions:¬†By default the original YouTube App does not allow the reproduction of resolutions higher than those of your device.¬†With Vanced you will be able to reproduce content in higher resolution, which in general terms will improve the definition of the content.
  • Modes and themes:¬†When you download YouTube Vanced you will access customization functions, such as themes.¬†In turn, the App presents specific functions for devices with Amoled screens, which allows battery saving as well as the possibility of protecting your eyesight.
  • Advanced settings:¬†Finally, Vanced is completely customizable, allowing you to activate or deactivate most of the functions it integrates.

Either way, before accessing any of the functions mentioned above, it will be necessary to download Vanced, a process that we will show you below.

Download The YouTube Vanced App

Youtube Vanced is not downloaded in the conventional way, in other words, the application is not available on the Play Store. Instead, you must access the official Vanced website , through which you can download the application manager. There, click on the download button provided by the App developers

At the press on the button to download the file will be downloaded manager.apk. It may be necessary to activate the permissions to install third-party applications, if so, simply enable them by accessing the settings that will be displayed on the screen of your device and allows the installation of Apps from your browser.

Having made the previous configuration, click on the “install” option to proceed and complete the process.¬†After installation, run Vanced Manager and click on “Start”, on the next screen you must select the appropriate option for your mobile, simply choose “Grant Root permission” or “nonroot”¬†if the cell phone is not rooted¬†.

The manager options will be shown, the first thing is to download Vanced microG, you may also need to give permissions to install Apps from Vanced Manager. Then click on the version of the App you want. You can choose to download Youtube Vanced or Youtube Music Vanced , just configure the download options to your liking.

After downloading Youtube Vanced, the App will appear in the list of applications, with which you will be able to access all the functions provided by the application.

ūüćď Download Youtube Vanced (APK)

Get it on ‚Ė∂ Google Play | File size 83 Mb | Requirements Android +4.4

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