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Zapya is an application from Dew Mobile Inc. a cross-platform software development company, it was released in July 2012 only for Android devices. With this you can send files in a more comfortable and fast way with other users just by connecting with the people with whom you want to transfer the files through a kind of Hotspot.

The Zapya APK for Android has a multiplatform so it allows a connection of up to 5 devices simultaneously, through which you can send any file you have on your device, APK, games or tools. The file transfer speed is approximately 10MB per second or up to 260 photos per minute, without using mobile data, ideal for sharing in groups or even playing games.

It is a simple application, it is composed of several folders with the categories of files such as images, music, videos and applications, which with a single click you will be able to select the option you need to share.

Updating Zapya for free to its latest version allows file transfer between PC and mobile devices. In addition to being free, Zapya is very easy to use and is available in 20 different languages.

With this application you can not only share your files but you can also send messages through instant messaging and use the remote camera function with which you can see what the camera of other devices captures, control it and use it at the same time, as well as share your camera.

Send files for free with other devices without the need for a cable and faster than sending via Bluetooth, it is not the only function of Zapya, it also gives you the option to create groups and invite people to join, they can be scanned using the use of a personalized QR code to transfer files instantly. As well as creating lists with content to share with your friends without using the internet or mobile data within the same APK.

By downloading Zapya APK for free, you can also duplicate your mobile, moving the content from your device to another or create a wireless backup of your device to your laptop.

This application also brings you the videos most shared by the rest of the users of this App, however if we can mention one of its disadvantages is that with the constant use of GPS the device will have a shorter battery life.

In addition to all the aforementioned functions, with this App you can also install other APKs that you have saved on any other device, you can do this by selecting all the files and with just one click on the “install all” option, you will be able to enjoy those applications on your new mobile, as well as receiving APKs from other users to perform said installation without using a network connection.

Do not wait any longer to Download Zapya APK 5.8.7 Its latest version since December 27, 2019 with a weight of 10.66 MB and if you want to enjoy this application free of advertisements, Zapya has a fairly accessible membership.

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Get it on ▶ Google Play | File size 7.5Mb | Requirements Android +4.0

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