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Sometimes we get tired of our profile photo and we want to vary, but there is a time when none of our photos convinces us and then we are left in doubt of what to put and then you choose to place a personalized avatar.

If you want to know about ZEPETO and the virtues it offers you to edit your avatar to your liking, you visited the ideal site. Next, we will present you a series of data of this fun and fabulous app.

Being downloaded millions of times, ZEPETO has been a very popular phenomenon. Users of social networks like Instagram or Twitter have put their real photos aside to improvise with their adorable virtual versions created with this application.

For some the application is very original, but there is no doubt that this app manufactured by SNOW Corporation (in turn belonging to Naver) has even overshadowed the virtual avatars created by iPhone.

Why its great success?

Its great fame is not only due to its three-dimensional avatars, since ZEPETO is also a social network.

What is ZEPETO?

It is an APP, that you hardly download it, several ZEPETOS will welcome you, encouraging you to open an account or log in through other social networks available for it, such as Facebook and Twitter. After this, the next step will be to take a selfie or choose a photo from your gallery to create your avatar based on the selected image.

If you are not satisfied with the result of your avatar, you will be taken to an editor where you can modify the appearance of the ZEPETO to your liking before defining the changes and accessing your own room. As a tip, make sure you decide what your final appearance will be, because to modify them you will have to pay in the future.

What is ZEPETO for?

ZEPETO allows you to export avatars so that they can also be used in online services, because as we already mentioned, ZEPETO is also a social network that will allow you to interact with others through your virtual mini “me”.

The social functions that ZEPETO offers you make it resemble other networks of that style such as ‘Second Life’ or ‘The Sims’, where users from all over the world interact through the avatar.

It also offers you the option of generating virtual coins to improve the appearance of your avatar. This with the Flying ZEPETO minigame, which resembles the famous Flappy Bird game, but with the difference that what flies will not be a bird, but a box with the face of your avatar.

You can also do it with the daily challenges. This will allow you to accomplish various tests as tutorials. You just have to follow the steps in each of the cases, obeying the instructions to the letter or consuming the content that they will show you.

After this, what are you waiting for to enter the ZEPETO world? We hope we have helped you and that you innovate your networks with this app. Until next time.

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Get it on ▶ Google Play | File size 94,3 Mb | Requirements Android +5.1

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